Why CyLumena

A Lean Methodology to Security Risk, Remediation & Change

Organizations today are facing more dynamic and complex information security risks than ever before. It is nearly impossible to assure 100% protection of your information assets; which is why it is most critical that the investments made in people, process and technology are done with the least amount of waste. Unlike most cyber security firms, our model incorporates lean process design to ensure your cyber controls and solutions have measurable and sustainable outcomes that yield the highest return to your targeted stakeholders.


Our Focus

Developing a leading practice cyber program involves the right combination of People, Process and Technology. At its core, sound process design and execution is critical to program effectiveness for any Chief Information Security Officer, yet, most cyber organizations and security consulting practices fail to adequately invest in proper techniques when developing their capabilities.

At CyLumena, we view the implementation of a cyber security framework through the lens of a process expert. Our method utilizes execution teams firmly grounded in cyber security AND lean process design to build solutions that place a greater emphasis on impact, value and risk.


Our Approach

Unlike traditional cyber consulting firms, we focus not only on WHAT requirements need to be met but HOW they should be met to most effectively mitigate risk with the least disruption to your stakeholders. We then validate assumptions and objectives with your team and stakeholders throughout the design, build and implementation stages to ensure full alignment. Finally, we incorporate the right measurement features into the development lifecycle to properly monitor and continuously improve the salient controls of your program. By integrating these lean techniques into your cyber capability lifecycle you can expect significant improvements to your programs relevance and sustainability.


Our Experience

Our practitioners have years of experience advising some of the largest organizations in the world on better approaches for implementing security controls. Let us help you improve the quality and sustainability of your cyber program and achieve the measurable results your stakeholders demand.


We’re poised to bring our execution excellence, high-performing teams, and real-world track record to you.