CyLumena is CyberLean

Traditional approaches to cybersecurity assessment and planning may help an organization meet government regulations or check compliance boxes. However, cybersecurity is inadequate when it doesn’t directly embolden an organization’s desired business outcomes.

CyLumena created the CyberLean methodology, and complementary services, to ensure your cybersecurity investments of time, talent, and money are justified, and they expedite achieving your goals with a lot less risk.

Realize More Business Value from
Targeted Cybersecurity Investments

Our approach yields more value because of two critical differentiators:

  1. Our philosophy is the opposite of “check the box” compliance, but rather using real data to find the true cyber risks to what you want to accomplish with business outcomes. We draw out value by using indexed indicators, which results in spending less to reduce risk.
  2. Solely giving you an assessment report with identified compliance gaps, keeps cyber risk as an academic exercise. Rather, we provide actionable and realistic remediation actions with control objectives, as well as the support to activate changes quickly.

What You Should Know About CyberLean

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CyberLean marries Lean thinking with the most robust security models available, like the HITRUST Common Security Framework, NIST, and others.

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CyberLean is a proprietary methodology for improving the ROI of your cybersecurity investments through a blend of people, process, or technology. We can design the right solution to meet your goals and protect your organization’s sensitive data.

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CyberLean is our cybersecurity requirements gathering, assessment, and risk exposure methodology that provides better visibility into cyber risk at a reduced cost over a shorter timeframe.

We Can Demonstrate the Value of Cybersecurity Through Real Data and a Business-Outcomes Approach

Along with our cyber-data partners, we uncover targeted risks and mitigation goals that directly tie cyber investments to business objectives while accelerating action.

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