CyLumena is CyberLean

CyLumena provides strategic security guidance, resources, and tools to prevent cyberattacks and enhance measurable maturity for every organization.


Amplify The Value of Your Cybersecurity Program

Our unique CyberLean methodology marries Lean thinking with the most robust security models available, like the HITRUST Common Security Framework, NIST, and others.

Multi-discipline practitioner teams use CyberLean to assess, design, build, and run solutions that amplify the value your cybersecurity program delivers to the organization.

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What You Should Know About CyberLean

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CyberLean is a proprietary methodology for improving the ROI of your cybersecurity investments through a blend of people, process, or technology. We can design the right solution to meet your goals and protect your organization’s sensitive data.

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CyberLean is our cybersecurity requirements gathering, assessment, and risk exposure methodology that provides better visibility into cyber risk at a reduced cost over a shorter timeframe.

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CyberLean is our solutioning model that incorporates Lean process design tools and processes, ensuring that your cyber controls, policies, and practices have measurable outcomes and yield the highest return and security maturity.