New service allows companies to have cybersecurity leadership in a flexible and affordable arrangement during uncertain, but cyber-risky times.

CyLumena, one of the largest cybersecurity consulting firms in Pittsburgh, has launched a new service, providing Chief Information Security Officer expertise and leadership as an outsourced, virtual service.

According to CIO Magazine’s latest CIO survey, the number of organizations that were outsourcing their CISO function had doubled from 2018 to 2019, equaling four percent.

CyLumena saw this trend, alongside challenges their clients faced in finding and securing experienced CISO candidates, and created the new virtual CISO (vCISO) service to provide seasoned cybersecurity professionals who can work with an organization on an interim, project, or long-term basis.

Chris Dinnin, CyLumena’s Managing Director, thinks the move is timely, “The pandemic has increased and accelerated the need for flexible, seasoned cybersecurity leadership. Companies are vulnerable and they can’t outlay the expense to hire a full-time CISO. We see it as an opportunity to bridge that gap and give CEOs and CIOs the confidence they need to focus on bigger, strategic issues.”

CyLumena offers the vCISO service within four areas – security strategy, security advisory, security governance, and compliance.

About CyLumena

CyLumena was created out of a growing need for reliable cybersecurity technology, support, and expert guidance in the Pittsburgh region and beyond.

Our mission is to provide clients with peace of mind around cybersecurity through a cost-effective combination of preparation and prevention that we call CyberLean.

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