vCISO Provides Flexible, Affordable Cybersecurity
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Every organization needs cybersecurity leadership. While the role of a CISO can be complex and varied depending on your organization’s size, industry, and compliance mandates you must meet, not every organization needs a full-time CISO. Many simply need additional or interim security leadership for a project or current business phase. Since there is a shortage of experienced candidates to fill these CISO roles, and the turnover rate is high, a virtual CISO service is a flexible and affordable alternative to hiring.

When do you need a CISO?

There are many reasons and times when a virtual CISO is the perfect solution to the need for cybersecurity leadership.

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As an Interim Solution:
Security resources are difficult to find and a challenge to retain.  Many organizations often find themselves in a situation where they have lost their CISO and have started to search for a new one.  The search for a new CISO could take a significant amount of time.

A vCISO serves as a flexible solution for a month or a year, depending on how long your recruiting efforts take to find the right full-time candidate. And, because your vCISO can be released with little advance notice, it’s a low-risk option.

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A Cost Savings Strategy:
It’s one of the most prevalent reasons for retaining a vCISO. A vCISO is typically a fraction of the cost of hiring a seasoned CISO full-time when you consider salary, benefits, and perks. Our vCISOs possess the same skills and can perform all of the same duties as an experienced, full-time internal resource.

Plus, many organizations do not require a full-time CISO on staff. Depending on your organization’s size, projected work load, and budgetary restrictions, a virtual CISO may be the best solution to handle your needs for now or on a continuous basis.

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You’re Training a New CISO: 
You may decide to promote a full-time resource from within to the CISO role.  If he or she has never served as a CISO before, you may want to hire a vCISO to hone business, strategy, or leadership skills required to succeed as your CISO.

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Your Complementary Advisor: 
Some organizations who have a full-time CISO need additional leadership for important, complex, or large-scale projects or initiatives. A vCISO complements the sitting CISO by taking on overflow projects, filling knowledge gaps, or proving timely advisory input and recommendations.

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Filling Specific Security Governance Functions:
One of our vCISOs can implement a security governance framework and work with your organization to form a security governance function that meets on a recurring basis to review organizational risks, risk trends, and advise on risk management investment decisions. The vCISO would chair the committee, facilitate the recurring meetings, and work to advance security initiatives as the CISO’s representative.

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As a Neutral Resource:
Internal politics can derail cybersecurity goals. A vCISO can provide trusted advice, information and messaging from an outside, consultative vantage point.

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Targeted Security Project Management:
A vCISO is an appropriate resource to lead and manage specific security projects — providing oversight on individual security initiatives or oversight of a complete security program implementation.

How does a vCISO provide support leadership?

Our vCISO service provides support in the following IT and information security areas:

vCISCO Security Strategy

Security Strategy

  • Drive the creation and implementation of a strategy for the deployment of information security policies, programs, and technologies. In cases where there is a strategy in place, we will review, and recommend changes and improvements to the strategy.
  • Develop a 2-3-year security program roadmap, featuring key initiatives, priorities, high-level costs, and estimated implementation timelines.
  • Manage daily operations and IT security strategy implementation, using proven project management methodologies.
vCISCO Security Advisory

Security Advisory

  • Provide an on-demand security expert, including board-level and executive-level participation.
  • Alert the organization with Threat Intelligence on the latest security issues and emerging threats, reporting to key stakeholders.
  • Educate key leaders on the latest security strategies, trends, and technologies.
vCISCO Security Governance

Security Governance

  • Defining and implement security and compliance governance.
  • Establish and chair risk governance board.
  • Support adoption of a risk governance framework.
vCISO Security Compliance


  • Drive compliance with current regulations and compliance requirements.
  • Define and implement compliance governance.
  • Coordinate compliance activities and communication with regulatory groups.
  • Act as liaison to internal and external auditors and retain responsibility for security and compliance audits.

Our vCISO methodology is focused on providing outcomes rather than simply placing a person to fulfill a role. We employ numerous former CISOs on staff with varied skills and industry experience, but all are seasoned in our CyberLean approach to security. Additional specialty resources are available to complement the vCISO as well.

vCISO Supports your Cybersecurity and Compliance in a Flexible, Affordable Way

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