Lean, Sustainable, and Measurable Security Processes

Security breaches and cyber threats continue to advance as the role of technology innovations drive scale and growth. The focus on big data, migration to the cloud, and a more mobile business ecosystem continues to shape organizational priorities for managing cyber threats. The best approach an enterprise can take now is a proactive one. No matter where you stand on the maturity curve, our approach to cyber security protection helps organizations like yours focus on making incremental changes, incorporating process-driven philosophies, and monitoring efforts for continuous improvement and measurement.



Not all organizations require the same level of rigor to protect against cyber threats. We help you focus on the best approach for your organization in relation to industry, capability, maturity, and operational risks to identify a target state design that balances investment and desired cyber risk posture. From there, we focus on weaving these new processes into the fabric of your organization – through process implementation, training, measurement, and reporting.

If your program is struggling with immaturity or experiencing slow progress in its efforts to improve, our transformational approach may help you achieve your desired results. We incorporate lean process design principles and techniques to transform inert programs in need of a change in the status quo. Through the use of value stream mapping, we will illuminate your macro level output and yield while highlighting program defects and gaps. Of equal importance is the incorporation of stakeholder input into the effort of designing your target state processes and priorities which increases buy-in and commitment. We then utilize lean process design specialists who work beside our cyber security subject matter experts to develop sustainable capabilities that have measurable impact to your stakeholder community. These activities can be scaled up or down depending upon the nature and depth of need and are integral elements of our assessment philosophy and approach for building a more impactful security program.


Capability, Design, and Build

Traditional reactive approaches for addressing cyber security protocols are no longer sustainable in our current ecosystem. We work alongside our customers to prepare for future threats by designing outcomes-based processes and monitoring capabilities using lean techniques. Too often, we see new processes pushed aside and organizations divert back to old habits when security projects end. We create sustainability by ensuring your internal teams are trained and have the tools in place to be successful. When processes align with culture and wasted practices are eliminated, organizations can then focus on value that derives positive outcomes.

We help organizations in the following areas:

Execute the implementation of future state program design

1. Cyber Program Foundation

  • Guidelines, Procedures, Standards, and Policies
  • Operating and Governance Models
  • Control Requirements

2. Information Security Risk Management

  • Asset Inventory Identification Strategy
  • Asset Classification
  • Risk Assessment Program Implementation and Execution
  • Exception Management
  • Risk Reporting, Monitoring, and Awareness
  • Third Party Risk Management

3. Governance, Risk, and Compliance Strategy

4. Security Operations

  • Security Information and Event Management
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Incident Management and Response

5. Application Security and Development Lifecycle Design

6. Metrics and Reporting

Provide Managed Service Options

  • Secure Software Development Lifecycle
  • Third Party Risk Management


  • Build Metrics, KPIs, and Dashboards for Monitoring

Security Resources

Whether you’re at the beginning of developing a framework or already in the middle of engaging a third-party to help, our certified consultants can step in to support any aspect of your strategy. Backed with decades of cyber experience and technical expertise, our teams provide a value-driven perspective to help you meet your security objectives.


We’re poised to bring our execution excellence, high-performing teams, and real-world track record to you.