Enable a Security-First Cloud Strategy that Fits Your SMB

Small- and mid-sized organizations can mitigate risk through technology modernization. We ensure that your security-first cloud strategy provides needed resiliency, mobility, and long-term cost optimization. Our experts deliver value at the intersection of IT management and cybersecurity, transforming an organization at a pace, scale, and cost that works for their unique business objectives.

CyLumena - Mitigate Risk Through Modernization

Mitigate Risk Through Modernization

SMB leaders want a clear, cost-optimized approach to ensure technology accelerates business objectives beyond the back-office. They need a security-first approach to IT that adopts the cloud in a way that decreases risk and cost while increasing business agility and ability to capture market opportunities. They want more value from managed support, including IT structures that actually fit their organization now and into a cloud-dominated future. SMBs want a more productive, sophisticated, and mobile workforce that has easy access to the tools that accelerate success, not impede it.

yLumena - Extract More Value from IT

Extract More Value from IT

SMB leaders have been led astray. Risky and costly physical assets and inefficient online tools don’t fit their business model now let alone in the future. CyLumena is a trusted partner for SMBs to evolve IT capabilities that provide measurable security and scalability while composing a more competitive business posture. Our suite of managed services and consulting meet SMBs where they are in the cloud adoption journey.

  • Cloud Assessment & Strategy
    Uncovering the delta between current-state and desired-state is our hallmark. We work collaboratively with key stakeholders from business and IT to create a right-sized cloud strategy and roadmap. We dispel cloud misconceptions and ensure that IT and cloud decisions are based on a tailored view of an organization’s capital budget, business resiliency goals, risk appetite, and business growth objectives.
  • Premise-to-Cloud Legacy Migration
    We execute on the roadmap we developed together to implement the desired IT architecture and cloud strategy. Our focus remains on a transition to the cloud that realizes the appropriate combination of cloud security, intelligent automation, and cloud configuration.
  • Hybrid Infrastructure Implementation
    Our goal is to create an IT solution that meets a client where they are and bridges that gap to a future vision. For most SMBs, that includes designing an effective hybrid blueprint.
  • Cloud Maintenance
    A cloud strategy must evolve with business objectives, risks, and opportunities. We believe that “one and done,” or a traditional PBO IT arrangement doesn’t serve the unique and varied needs of SMBs. Instead, we enable ongoing, centralized management of cloud access across all cloud providers and SaaS.
CyLumena - SMB Approach to the Cloud

Experience a Security-First SMB Approach to the Cloud

The benefit of working with CyLumena is that we’re built for small- and mid-sized organizations. We provide seasoned experts across competencies not found in other boutique firms – cloud, cybersecurity, automation, enterprise agility, and IT change management.

The interoperability of our services means that we evolve as your needs do, ensuring that IT strength, resiliency, and cost adapt alongside business and digital transformation.

Let’s discover a cloud strategy that meets your business and security objectives.

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