Comparing MSSP, SIEM, MDR and Tips for Selecting the Right Cybersecurity Service Model

Organizations can’t keep up with the increase in cyber threats or maintaining cyber centers with skilled staff. We compare and contrast three service models – MSSP, SIEM, and MDR – that offer options for improving threat detection, remediation and response. Also, because each model requires different technology, expertise, relationships, cyber maturity, and threat intelligence levels, we offer guidance for deciding which is right for you.


Cybersecurity Model Definitions

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

The Managed Security Service Provider (MSSPs) monitors networks and systems, and analyzes threats through a subscription model. MSSPs focus primarily on remote device management, like intrusion detection, prevention systems, and configuring firewalls. Their services are not as focused on continuous threat detection and response.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

A Managed Detection and Response approach typically involves a security platform that offers fundamental security activities like cloud-managed security. They tend to combine threat intelligence with human expertise and data analytics around incident investigation and response.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

A SIEM solution centrally collects data from multiple devices on a network and proactively identifies security events that might not be detected by standalone security technology. It logs security events, detecting attacks and directing enterprise security controls to respond to perceived incidents.

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Cybersecurity Model Matrix – Overview of MSSP, MDR, SIEM

Here is a comparison across the three models, highlighting those that stand out for each.

MSSP-MDR-SIEM Comparison Chart

Questions to ask before you choose MSSP, MDR, or SIEM.

We have found that the following questions yield useful clues to help narrow the field of security models and services, revealing the best options or combinations for your needs.

  1. How large is your current cybersecurity apparatus?
  2. How much IT growth is happening?
  3. Are back office solutions largely on premise or in the cloud?
  4. Do you have a full view of the critical processes and data within your organization?
  5. How quickly is a solution needed?

CyLumena cyber experts can help you decide among MSSP, MDR, and SIEM.

Let’s connect and review the answers to the five questions above. We can help you way the pros and cons in the light of your current security posture and your future business objectives.

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