Quantify the Value of Your Cybersecurity Program

Sun Tzu, attributed with writing the ancient military treatise, “Art of War,” said, “Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”

In cybersecurity, no one wants to think that they are going into a war of a thousand battles, but the volume of worldwide hacks and breaches would reveal the truth of this statement in modern-day.

  • A hack is attempted every 39 seconds
  • 300K new malware are created every day
  • Hackers steal 75 data records every second

Every corporate leader knows that they must protect themselves, but how can an organization quantify the value and impact of their cybersecurity program?

How can they know if they have enough protection or if they are overspending for an unnecessary level of data protection?

It’s the reason why we created CyberLean™.

Cybersecurity concept: Shield deflecting hackers

Quantify the Value of Cybersecurity

When we first opened CyLumena in 2017, we were regularly asked a valid question from CIOs and CISOs, “What do we get for our cyber spend?” Surprisingly, organizations couldn’t quantify the value of their data protection and cybersecurity program.

We set out to change that with CyberLean™.

Cybersecurity Assessment Leads to Risk-Threat Score

We had seen the value of Lean Six Sigma (L6S) for organizational efficiency and technology development, but how could those same concepts and rigor apply to cybersecurity?

Our goal was to create a methodology that would take the principles behind L6S and create a risk score that when linked together assessed gaps in needed security to actions that could improve data protection and connect them to the budget spend.

We wanted to demonstrate that you could achieve a meaningful cyber risk score reduction for the spend.

Affordable Cybersecurity Assessment and Action for Mid-Sized Organizations

Through the CyberLean™ assessment, we can find the sweet spot where an organization can identify areas needing more focus or investment, choose which actions to take, and see how their efforts will improve their risk profile and score for the investment.

This approach takes into consideration that one cyber-size never fits all. Based on your environment, industry, ecosystem and network, for example, you may choose to focus on specific security controls that enhance your cyber resilience.

Best of all, a CyberLean™ methodology can quickly identify technology enablers that drive visibility into your unique threats and risks.

Early Warning System for Cybersecurity Threats

The other benefits of a score-based assessment and cybersecurity action plan are – one – you have an opportunity to reveal cybersecurity blind spots and – two – you can act earlier in the “kill chain” to mitigate threats before they escalate.

CyLumena is CyberLean

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Reduce Cyber Cost Burden

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Increase Risk Visibility

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Accelerate Cyber Risk Reduction

The CyberLean™ assessment answers critical cybersecurity questions while demonstrating measurable improvement and value:

  • What are our cybersecurity strengths?
  • Where are there gaps in our data protection measures?
  • Do we have the right solutions in place?
  • Are we over- or under-building our cybersecurity program?
  • Also, are we over- or under-spending on our level of cybersecurity protection?
  • What prioritized actions should we take with our cybersecurity budget now?

Learn What Level of Security is Enough and How to Quantify the Value of Cybersecurity

If you are looking for a way to reduce your cybersecurity cost burden while achieving a clearer picture of your unique threats to improve your cybersecurity strength, explore the CyberLean™ program. CyLumena is ranked as one of the largest cybersecurity consulting and services company in Pittsburgh.

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