Emerging Tech & Trends for Security

Gartner recently hosted a webinar where they shared their new Impact Radar, highlighting the top emerging technologies and trends for the security space for 2020 through 2028.

Lawrence Pingree, vice president and team manager, shared that this research included seven research analysts over four months to complete. They identified 214 emerging tech and trends, which they narrowed down to the top 18 large/very large technologies and trends. They mapped those 18 onto their impact radar to demonstrate time-to-realization and mass of impact on the industry.

You can find the impact radar visual by registering for their on-demand webinar and downloading the slides (see page 13 for impact radar visual).

Five Tech Trends for 2020 – Cloud, Edge Computing and Mobile

There are a variety of opportunities emerging to make use of machine learning (ML) technology to optimize and scale security activities. Gartner highlights network security models that are based on appliances and on-premises offerings, which are being replaced with SaaS-based network services. This is a fundamental change as “network traffic patterns emerge from digital transformation and the adoption of cloud, edge compute and mobile connectivity.”

Automated Data Classification

Emerging Tech: Automated Data Classification

Automated data classification enables better visibility, categorization, and enforcement. As more APIs tap into O365 and manipulate, control data, more security is needed.

Machine Learning-Based Log Analysis

Emerging Tech: Machine Learning-Based Log Analysis

ML-based log analysis enhances scoring and clustering, as well as the detection of behaviors and anomalies that may go unnoticed by humans handling the data manually. Most organizations log management tools, but the slog of sorting 1,000 alerts a day make ML attractive.

Cloud Workload Protection Platforms

Emerging Tech: Cloud Workload Protection Platforms

The presenter, Lawrence Pingree, stated that we should think of security as a chase. Where digital and technology goes, security must follow quickly. Sometimes security can be integrated into the solution but, many times, security lags innovation.

Protection for the cloud, containers and serverless workloads is one of those areas. There is a massive wave of adoption of IaaS and acceleration in container environments, which highlights the need for protections to be bolted onto those solutions.

And, with the emergence of DevSecOps, developers are driving more of security spend and security is becoming more integrated into development pipeline earlier. This is good news.

Machine Learning-Based Binary Analysis

Emerging Tech: Machine Learning-Based Binary Analysis

ML-based binary analysis enhances scoring, clustering, classification, and pre-execution detection of threats.

Threat detection, and the analysis of malware, can leverage emulators and some signature match technologies by applying a set of machine learning algorithms to carry out scoring. This enhances the speed–to–detection and classification. Plus, you can run these ML tools with the ability to dissect and detect at run–time.

Deception for Threat Defense

Emerging Tech: Deception for Threat Defense

Deception as part of threat defense gives the good guys some power to deceive attackers and use misinformation to redirect the threat and thwart the asymmetry of the attacker. Gartner sees this as an additive detection technology, evolving and being embedded in tools.

How Should You Protect Your Cloud, Edge Computing and Mobile Technologies?

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