How Cybersecurity Supports Business Continuity and Strategic Growth

Vistage’s CEO Confidence Index, from Q3 2020, shows evidence of rebounding confidence among small and midsize businesses.  As revenue and cash flow improve, CEOs see their businesses expanding and spending again. What we see, is an opportunity to improve business security without hiring and additional overhead.

More CEOs Expect Improved Revenues in 2021

Vistage surveyed 1,247 CEOs and other leaders from small and midsize businesses (SMBs), revealing that revenue and cash flow have continued to improve alongside CEO confidence.

“A major factor in rebound in CEO confidence in Q3 is positive revenue expectations with 63% of CEOs expecting improved revenues in the next 12 months, on par with the data recorded in March.”

While they expect the recovery to be “stair steps of progress,” over half of CEOs expect that the economy will also improve in the next 12 months.

Recovery Still Faces Data Security Challenges

Robust security is a key enabler for SMBs to not only recover, but grow. In the current security risk-rich environment, a risk-based approach to cybersecurity can optimize an organization’s strengths and shore-up weaknesses that would affect, both, business continuity as well as market competitiveness.

Virtual & Outsourced Cybersecurity Gives Greater Control Over Growth

As organizations gear up for the year ahead, they’re making strategic plans and analyzing budgets, determining what are the best investments to achieve recovery and growth goals in 2021.

For many SMBs, hiring a CISO isn’t feasible right now and asking IT to add security oversight could distract them from ensuring IT supports business goals next year. That’s where virtual CISO and outsourced security support provides an affordable and flexible option, enabling access to highly seasoned professionals who can start delivering value from the first meeting.

How Can Cybersecurity Support Your 2021 Growth Goals?

As Vistage said in their report, “CEOs are in the business of making decisions. Those who make good ones for the 2021 planning cycle will remain in that business, while those who make wrong choices will suffer the consequences.”

We can help you not only shore-up your business against further disruptions, but enhance business strength to achieve your 2021 growth goals.

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