Staying on Mission Required New Technology Choices, Including Cloud

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh (BBBSPGH) is the region’s premier evidence-based youth mentoring agency.

This non-profit client was just starting to embark on technology investments when the COVID-19 pandemic forced staff to work remotely. Their desire to modernize and equip employees working from home caused them to rethink their strategy and engage CyLumena tomigrate their digital operations and infrastructure to the Cloud.

CyLumena, along with IT support from sister firm SDLC Partners, provided technical and cybersecurity support and consulting that enabled this social service organization to leapfrog older technology and create a practical, “work from anywhere” approach to carrying out their needed and worthy mission.

BBBS WFH Migration

Pandemic Accelerates Technology Decisions

Big Brother Big Sisters faced a decision many for-profit and non-profit organizations do — upgrade old and out-of-date servers and equipment or modernize in a way that leverages the power and added security of  Cloud solutions.

The client was functioning but knew that the clock was ticking when they would see severe repercussions if they didn’t modernize.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated their decisions due to shelter-in-place orders and staff’s need to work from home. Communication would break down, and inconsistent technology capabilities could affect their mission.

Pandemic Accelerates Technology Decisions

The team did an initial onsite assessment to review its current technology, capabilities, and modernization requirements.

Our recommendation was to migrate to Microsoft Office 365, including Cloud and Teams, which included creating new file structures, updating physical assets and new devices, and ensuring the client was trained and confident to access and work with the new systems. We provided orientation training and helped staff leapfrog from Windows 7 to version 10. We worked with BBBSPGH’s team through tight collaboration through and beyond onboarding, building up leaders as Super Users.

Additionally, we provided a thorough cybersecurity assessment and implementing SecureSky’s Active Protection Platform for security management, monitoring, and support.

“One of BBBS’ mottos is to ‘Ignite. Empower. Defend.’ That is just what CyLumena and SDLC Partners has done for our organization. They’ve ignited innovation for our most critical digital operations. They’ve empowered our organization with the latest cloud technologies. And, they’re defending our cloud presence with the best security software on the market. It’s a digital transformation that will position BBBS to do more, faster, and better so that we can safely serve children from the greater Pittsburgh area.”

Jan Glick
Chief Executive Officer
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Pittsburgh

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Mission-Critical Cloud Tech & Cybersecurity Achieved

Today, BBBSPGH can function effectively from anywhere. They are equipped and empowered to manage and use Microsoft’s tools via the Cloud. User confidence remains high, and this non-profit has modern technology to meet the needs of the Littles and Bigs that they connect and serve.

As part of CyLumena’s and SDLC Partners’ corporate commitment to the community, this migration effort is being funded by both consultancies.

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