CyLumena’s cybersecurity services now includes Gradient Cyber’s enhanced cybersecurity operations management as an MDR solution to customers across Pennsylvania.

CyLumena, a leading cybersecurity consulting firm, is now partnered with Gradient Cyber, a leading cybersecurity network operations management and managed detection and response (MDR) solutions provider.

“We see CyLumena as a partner to bring Gradient to Southwestern PA and beyond as the leading cybersecurity firm in the Pittsburgh region. Our partnership with CyLumena positions Gradient’s solutions to deliver an unprecedented level of managed detection and response capabilities. Our combined, proven expertise and solutions will bring greater threat visibility, cybersecurity, and mitigation to every enterprise.”

Steve Chappell, COO, Gradient Cyber

Through this strategic partnership with Gradient Cyber, CyLumena offers a comprehensive and affordable network operations management and MDR solution that includes intrusion detection and mitigation. Gradient’s Quorum platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to autonomously corroborate logs and security events from data, devices, networks, users, and applications. Leveraging NIST and industry-specific governance and compliance frameworks, Quorum automates an organization’s risk score by assessing the security posture of the people, processes, technologies, data, risk, and compliance.

Gradient was developed in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), and their proprietary Security Health Roadmap™ helps customers visualize their status and identify steps for improvement. Gradient’s Quorum platform corroborates data across the entire network to prioritize alerts and delivers situational reports that provide clear and early remediation recommendations, risk scoring and cybersecurity posture improvement tasks.

Chris Dinnin, CyLumena’s Managing Director, sees a growing need for MDR, stating,

“Gradient’s MDR solution gives greater visibility into the cyber threats that matter most. Their ‘try before you buy’ approach proves their value and gives customers the chance to experience how one solution can change the trajectory of how risks are managed.”

Chris Dinnin, Managing Director, CyLumena

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About CyLumena

CyLumena was created out of a growing need for reliable cybersecurity technology, support, and expert guidance in the Pittsburgh region and beyond.

Our mission is to provide clients with peace of mind around cybersecurity through a cost-effective combination of preparation and prevention that we call CyberLean.

About Gradient Cyber

Gradient Cyber uniquely visualizes an organization’s cybersecurity health and provides an actionable roadmap to improve its security posture through their network operations management and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solutions. Their award-winning Quorum platform that was developed in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Defense.

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