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CyLumena is offering select organizations a Free CyberLean Assessment that can uncover where your cybersecurity program could be stronger, leaner, and achieve your business objectives in 2021.

Ensure your cybersecurity investments are measurable and outcomes-driven:

  • Gain our objective perspective on your current security operations
  • We use your real data to uncover what’s working and what’s not
  • Let’s align your 2021 business goals with cybersecurity investments
  • Prioritize cyber gaps that most impact your business

Let’s talk over a protein shake or healthy snack and discuss your Free CyberLean Assessment.

CyLumena - Cybersecurity Project Management & Resourcing

“Based on the interactions with CyLumena, I have found that their team is seasoned and professional, their findings are very insightful, and their recommendations can be put into action. The thoroughness of their assessment and reporting processes has provided us with a basis for implementing improvements to our application security program. I can state with confidence that the results have been a success.”

Jason Martin, Manager,
Vulnerability Governance, Highmark Health

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