Greater Value from Security Investments

Small-and mid-sized organizations are looking for reliable cybersecurity technology, support, and expert guidance. Backed by decades of professional services knowledge, coupled with strategy and execution deployment, CyLumena adds value to reduce cyber cost burden, enhance risk visibility, and improve strength and resilience in the face of increased cyber threats.


Assessment and Advisory Services 

Many organizations focus on the obvious data security risks their organization faces like phishing, malware, and hacking. We believe in a more holistic approach that includes soft targets, including current and former employees, physical facility vulnerabilities, and common blind spots lurking in every organization. 

Once identified, we guide each client to prioritize the risk and benefit of remediation, as well as create a plan for how and when those risks will be addressed. 

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Cyber Services and Solutions

Security solutions and technology give sound strategies and plans the teeth that they need to make a difference. Our solutions give structure and rigor to your program while ensuring that key security capabilities are backed by robust technology. 

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  • Managed SIEM Solutions
  • Threat Detection and Response (MDR/NDR/EDR)
  • Cyber Operations
  • Cloud Security
  • IT Managed Services


Cybersecurity Resourcing

Finding the right security professionals at the right time and to fit the need is becoming increasingly difficult. Our cadre of seasoned leaders and technicians are available as individual contributors, as part of contracted projects or to augment your existing security team. 

Whether retained, temporary, or project-oriented, our security leadership brings hard-won experience and proven approaches to creating and maturing data security programs. 

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