Collaborate, Contribute, and Change Cybersecurity

It’s not just about the results we deliver. It’s about the people and the experiences we share.

CyLumena is a collaborative environment where everyone contributes their expertise and works toward the three goals we hold for our clients: reduce cyber cost burden, enhance risk visibility, and improve security strength and resilience.

Through quarterly practice meetings, Lunch-and-Learns, executive roundtables, and company meetings, we engage employees and provide critical information, encouraging conversation and feedback.

Chris Dinnin, Managing Director, discusses the uniqueness of CyLumena’s culture.

Your Commitment to Company and Clients

Our clients have high expectations for us. In turn, we have high expectations for our employees. Successful employees strive to embody critical values:

Customer Focused
We exist to serve our customers and to build long-term relationships rich with added value.
Regardless of the type of engagement, our goal is to deliver short- and long-term value.

Our mission extends to our community, positively impacting priorities like STEM, cyber, and non-profit initiatives.
Action Oriented
Our consultants are high-energy pros who proactively pursue goals with passion and commitment.

Collaboration starts inside as we work shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients rather than force-fit our approach.

In addition to skill training and career development, we provide ways for our employees to give back to the community through our volunteer committee, SDLC Connects, which is led by our parent company, SDLC Partners. And, our Wellness Program helps employees improve their lifestyles.