SecureSky brings comprehensive cloud security solutions to CyLumena’s proven cybersecurity services and expertise.

Cloud SecurityPittsburgh, PA – CyLumena, a dominant cybersecurity consulting firm, has formalized its relationship with SecureSky, a leader in cloud security and a 2019 Top 10 Cloud Security Solution Provider by Enterprise Security Magazine.

Through this strategic partnership with SecureSky, CyLumena now offers a complete portfolio of cloud security and compliance solutions to help organizations secure their cloud applications, services, and environments. Customers have access to SecureSky’s patented Active Protection Platform, which tracks an enterprise’s cloud security posture, ensures appropriate policy, compliance and security controls are in place across multi-cloud environments and detects threats and cybersecurity attacks, all in real-time.

“Securing the cloud requires a completely different approach than securing a traditional network or data center environment.  And, as our clients move more of their storage to the cloud, they want best-in-class cloud solutions. Now, through this partnership, we can deliver a singular view into all cloud and SaaS platforms,” shares Chris Dinnin, CyLumena’s Managing Director.

Michael Hrabik, SecureSky’s CEO added,

“As the leading cybersecurity firm in the Pittsburgh region, we believe that the partnership with CyLumena positions SecureSky to expand its customer base while delivering a modern approach to cloud security. Our combined, proven expertise will bring greater visibility, protection and added value to every enterprise.”

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About CyLumena

CyLumena was created out of a growing need for reliable cybersecurity technology, support, and expert guidance in the Pittsburgh region and beyond.

Our mission is to provide clients with peace of mind around cybersecurity through a cost-effective combination of preparation and prevention that we call CyberLean.

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About SecureSky

SecureSky is a cloud security posture management and compliance solutions company that helps organizations secure their cloud applications, services and environments.

The SecureSky Active Protection Platform provides full visibility and real-time response to current and emerging threats across the entire cloud stack. SecureSky also provides security, compliance and forensic services to enable enterprise to defend against cybercriminals.

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