Security that Scales with Business Objectives

Finding the right security professionals at the right time, and to adequately fit the need, is becoming increasingly difficult. Our cadre of seasoned leaders and technicians are available as individual contributors, as part of contracted projects, or to augment your existing security team. Whether retained, temporary, or project-oriented, our security leadership brings hard-won experience and proven approaches to creating and maturing data security programs.

CyLumena - Part-Time CISO / vCISO Services / CISO Bridging

Cybersecurity Project Management & Resourcing

Security projects ebb and flow throughout the fiscal year. We offer expert resources to oversee and drive your security projects to success – in-time and within budget. Our resources are all US-based with specialty knowledge available through our comprehensive recruitment team.

CyLumena - Cybersecurity Project Management & Resourcing

Cybersecurity and Compliance Resourcing

Compliance cycles require surge support at certain times of the year or as compliance deadlines loom. Our security compliance experts are competent in a host of compliance frameworks, and can ensure that your policies, practices, and people are aligned, gathering strong evidence to prove compliance.

CyLumena - Cybersecurity Architecture & Engineering Support

Cybersecurity Architecture & Engineering Support

The right cybersecurity foundation and governance is critical to long-term success as the organization grows and evolves. Our security architects and engineers create and maintain corporate security structures. Our leaders can supervise security teams, as well as create security-related policies and procedures.

CyLumen - PT vCISO Services

Part-Time CISO / vCISO Services / CISO Bridging

Every organization needs cybersecurity leadership. Many simply need additional or interim security leadership for a project or current business phase. Due to a shortage of experienced candidates to fill these CISO roles, and high turnover rates, a virtual CISO service provides a flexible and affordable alternative to hiring.

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Let’s consider your unique business objectives and how cybersecurity maturity can support your success.

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