Keeping Your Security Strong and Your Employees Stronger

Cybercriminals love a crisis. And, in light of the novel Coronavirus, and so many employees working from home, it’s an opportunity they’re leveraging exponentially. 

Given the current environment, coupled with increased cyber-attacks on small- and middle-market organizations, there is no better time to discuss key strategies to manage your security risks and ensure your employees are engaged and resilient. 

A casual discussion and interactive Q&A, covering: 

  • Top cybersecurity threats targeting SMBs 
  • Managing risk and best practices to counter security threats 
  • Security priorities in the current Coronavirus climate with companies utilizing remote work 
  • Strategies and tools to support your employees 
  • Tips for engaging employees when uncertainty and performance requirements are high 

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CyLumena & Insperity Presenters: 

Chris Hart

Chris Hart, Director of Cybersecurity at CyLumena, has 25+ years’ experience in information security and information asset protection. 

Luke Wawrzeniak

Luke Wawrzeniak, Manager of Cybersecurity at CyLumena, has extensive experience in the development and implementation of governance, risk, and compliance management strategies and project execution.  

Glenn McFerran, District Manager at InsperityGlenn McFerran, District Manager at Insperity, has 25 years’ experience working with three of America’s largest and wellrespected companies.