CyLumena Partners with Gradient to Help DoD Vendors Prepare for CMMC 

By 2025, all DoD suppliers will be required to achieve CMMC certification. However, DoD contractors need to achieve Level 3 or above to secure many government bids & contracts starting fall, 2020.

Powerful Allies to Strengthen Cybersecurity and Accelerate CMMC

By combining forces, CyLumena provides CMMC Readiness Services & Solutions plus a free “Proof of Value” trial of Gradient’s Security Intelligence Platform.

CMMC combines cybersecurity standards and best practices into five levels, each of which has a set of required processes and practices.

CyLumena’s CMMC Readiness Assessment will pinpoint which CMMC Level best fits your target contracts, identity gaps to meet your desired level of certification, and provide a recommended roadmap to resolve security gaps. Optional Gap Mitigation and CMMC Preparation services work to resolve security holes and blind spots, as well as ensure you’re ready to submit for formal CMMC certification.

Our CMMC Readiness Assessment is different from others because it offers a prescriptive fee structure that allows you to pay per control.  This allows us to pinpoint the level of effort you need. Moreover, our approach conforms easily to your budget and timeframe to achieve the Level of certification that meets your contracting goals.

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Free Offer from CyLumena and Gradient

When you select to work with CyLumena through our CMMC Readiness Assessment, we will include a 30-day trial of the Gradient Security Intelligence Platform.

Gradient’s Security Intelligence Platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to autonomously corroborate logs and security events from devices, networks, users, and applications. Leveraging NIST and industry-specific governance and compliance frameworks, Gradient’s next generation Security Intelligence Platform automates an organization’s risk score by assessing the security posture of the people, processes, technologies, data, risk, and compliance.

What’s Included in the Free Offer from Gradient

The “Proof of Value” trial gives you an opportunity to experience firsthand Gradient’s Security Intelligence Platform – the premier Security Intelligence  Platform that corroborates data across the entire network, prioritizing alerts and delivering situational reports that provide early and clear remediation recommendations, risk scoring, and cybersecurity posture improvement tasks.

Your 30-day trial, valued at $7,000, includes:

  • Architectural review call to preconfigure appliance and prepare for implementation
  • Installation and security analysis survey
  • Machine learning with pen test and vulnerability scan while Quorum ingests network traffic data
  • Briefing with Gradient and CyLumena experts to review findings and recommendations

Combining CyLumena’s CMMC Readiness Assessment with Gradient’s Security Intelligence Platform trial will accelerate your certification journey and ensure that you can bid and win higher-level contracts.

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