BIA White Paper: Identifying and assessing critical processes, people, and priorities to ensure resiliency, strength, and market confidence.

CyLumena BIA White PaperWhen the pandemic hit, fewer than 50% of US companies had a generic contingency plan and 10% had no plan at all. Whether an organization was well-prepared for the probability of a pandemic or it had no contingency plan in place for any business disruption or disaster, organizational leaders have seen the fragility of business systems, operations, and revenue streams and witnessed the critical importance of risk awareness and preparedness.

Now more than ever, organizations need greater business resiliency that can be achieved through conducting a Business Impact Analysis (BIA), which provides six invaluable outputs.

BIA Six Invaluable Outputs

This white paper walks through the four phases of Business Impact Analysis and gives concrete steps, guidance, and tips from our work conducting successful BIAs with our clients.

Four phases to conduct a Business Impact Analysis

You can use this information to vet a potential contingency planning partner or prepare your team to conduct your own BIA. Either way, you’ll learn how to achieve outcomes that yield greater risk awareness and preparedness.

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