Security that Builds Strength and Resilience

Cybersecurity is most effective when it’s built on a full view of an organization’s bespoke risks, business ecosystem, and compliance requirements. We believe in a holistic approach that uncovers blind spots lurking in every organizationprioritizes risk, and uses targeted tactics to remediate threats. CyberLean is our philosophy that marries Lean thinking with the most robust security models available, like the HITRUST, NIST, CMMC, and others. 

CyLumenea - vCISO Advisory Services

CISO Advisory and vCISO Services

Every organization needs cybersecurity leadership. Many simply need additional or interim security leadership for a project or current business phase. Due to a shortage of experienced candidates to fill these CISO roles, and high turnover rates, a virtual CISO service provides a flexible and affordable alternative to hiring.

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CyLumena - Strategy and Roadmap Development

Strategy and Roadmap Development

Any cybersecurity strategy or plan should decrease risk and enable business strategies. There is no need to sacrifice one for the other. And, because not every risk is yours to worry about, our CyberLean approach focuses on creating a cyber program that fits your company, industry, and culture. We provide an expert perspective on your current program, roadmap, and technology portfolio. Then, we enable cybersecurity goals by designing and implementing your unique path to mitigating more risk and building business resiliency alongside cyber maturity.

CyLumena - Risk and Compliance Assessments

Risk and Compliance Assessments

Evaluating risk and understanding the compliance environment is key to investing time and resources into the right cybersecurity controls and strategies. Whether your compliance goals are driven by government, customers, industry or sales targets, we offer a variety of risk and compliance assessments, including NIST, third-party, business continuity, HITRUST, CMMC, as well as our own proprietary methodology called CyberLean. It combines elements of traditional controls assessments with technical assessments, as well as tests, scans, and threat modeling exercises.

CyLumena - Third-Party & Vendor Risk Management

Third-Party & Vendor Risk Management

Relying on third parties has become mission-critical for many organizations, yet it exponentially increases risk. We handle TPRM with a balanced approach between identifying and assessing risk and achieving collaboration to control those risks. Our tact is to start risk assessment during the strategic sourcing process, apply due diligence based on threat level, and determine the most appropriate response with ongoing risk monitoring. As a result, clients can make more enlightened and risk-aware decisions regarding third-party contracting and performance.

CyLumena - Business Continuity Assessment

Business Impact Analysis

Every organization needs a heightened awareness and plan around business continuity. A comprehensive approach develops processes and systems to ensure that an organization can function during any emergency and recover full operations quickly. Through a Business Impact Analysis, we help clients start their journey by identifying critical components, predicting the financial and non-financial consequences of a disruption, and laying out recommendations for strategies that will reduce your risk profile and enhance resiliency. Then, we implement the continuity plan via oversight, testing, and ongoing monitoring. When an emergency occurs, we provide recovery support to mitigate disruption.

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