CyLumena recently joined Abacode’s Partner Program to ensure their clients had access to comprehensive cybersecurity management and monitoring for both security threats and compliance concerns.

Abacode’s Managed Cybersecurity and Compliance Program Core (MCCP) offering brings holistic and continuous Security Operations Center and Compliance, including Managed Detection and Response, integrated SIEM, and a compliance portal.  The Abacode MCCP Core enables CyLumena to deliver these services to business, healthcare, and government clients.

Chris Dinnin, Managing Director at CyLumena, shares the importance of this partnership, “When looking for a security operations partner, we found that many MSSP providers didn’t focus on both cybersecurity monitoring and compliance. Abacode’s MCCP Core offering takes SecOps to a whole new level with 24-7-365 ‘eyes on glass’ and an integrated cyber-compliance platform.”

“Abacode is constantly striving to push the technology industry forward by partnering with top-notch leaders in the MSP space,” said Greg Chevalier, Senior Vice President – Partners and Sales Strategy for Abacode. “Partnering with CyLumena ensures that clients not only have their information technology operations humming along at peak efficiency with their managed services, but that now includes Abacode’s full spectrum of cybersecurity and compliance solutions and services, including managed cyber threat detection and response (MDR); governance, risk, and compliance (GRC); vulnerability assessments and digital forensics.”

Chevalier also shares Dinnin’s vision, “The CyLumena – Abacode partnership propels the IT Managed Services industry by marrying the IT infrastructure companies need to operate with the cybersecurity and compliance solutions required for growth. What benefits customers most is our mutual focus on putting business objectives first. and addressing cyber and compliance needs that support those goals.”

About CyLumena

CyLumena was created out of a growing need for reliable cybersecurity technology, support, and expert guidance in the Pittsburgh region and beyond.

Its mission is to help clients make cybersecurity investments that support an organization’s business objectives through a cost-effective combination of preparation and prevention called CyberLean.

For more information about CyLumena, via contact form or email solutionsdesk@cylumena.com.

About Abacode

Abacode is a Managed Cybersecurity & Compliance Services Provider (MCCP).

Abacode combines leading technologies and professional services to implement holistic, framework-based Cybersecurity and Compliance programs for clients throughout the world. Our unique model empowers organizations to make objective and reasoned security investments based on their business needs, budget, and risk tolerance and ultimately transform their cybersecurity challenges into a competitive advantage.  Abacode enables clients to implement a Cyber Capability Maturity Model and consolidate all cybersecurity initiatives under one roof.  Offices in the Americas and Europe.

Learn more at Abacode.com or connect with us at insight@abacode.com